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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lighted Back-Alley

This is the back-alley of a restaurant in Bikaner House in Delhi. Bikaner is a desert town in Rajasthan. The Bikaner House in Delhi is the office of the state in the capital of the country. The place is famous for the half-hourly bus service it provides to the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. I have so far not had a chance to visit this eatrie, but will surely try it out soon and bring photos for you all.

Thanks for the Holi wishes and a very happy Holi to you all.

Wake up to bright and safe colours this Holi!! Lounge around in the gulal of love, play around in yellow sunshine with warmth and friendship, dive into the bright blues of happiness and companionship and twirl around in the pink of health and prosperity!


Anonymous said...

And a very happy Holi to you and your family. I read this post and the comment you left on my Brookville blog about the riot of colors. I guess I did have it there on the post. Lots of colors.

Thanks for your comment and for your visit.

I wish I was able to get around the world and see all the places as easy as I can travel from one blog to another. Isn't that the way things should be. Somehow we got stuck with our feet on the ground.

But I can still remember those glorious days when I could just step up into the air and fly away.
I bet you did that too. How long ago was it. Ages for me.

I wonder why that doesn't last.

Patty said...

What a beautiful alley. Looks better than some streets around here. Nice it's so well lite. Nothing worse than having to step out of a restaurant into a dark street or alley.

amatamari said...

I like this picture
the precise lines and the depth
are wrapped by the magic soft light


Julie said...

great photo of this alley. nice lighting.

magiceye said...

fabulous shot! love it!

Rohit Sharma said...

Purfect set up for some1 like Eduardo Sanchez .....

also looks like noorie wil come with candle in hand behind any of lamp post and sing Noorieeee!!!!

Nice horifying click


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