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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am back from the wedding and I thought that the best way to stretch the festive mood was to bring a photograph of the traditional, red colored bridal attire. I found these heavily ornate saaris displayed on headless mannequins in a Karol Bagh shop. Saari is one garment that unites almost all the Indian ladies despite their different statehoods. The saari is one garment that is draped in several styles in different states. I will bring more saari draping styles int he future for you.

Will upload pictures of Indore in a couple of days. Nice city. I had a great time. :-)


Hilda said...

Ohhh, I love Indian saris. It's a good thing you said that red is traditionally for weddings though. Now I know not to get solid red ones!

nituscorner said...

welcome back priyanka.yes red in a saree reminds a girl of her marriage day....and for the guys some one told me red in the wedding saree is a sign of warning....beware your life is about to change. relax guys . thats a myth.....


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