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Sunday, July 6, 2008


It is raining in Delhi and I am stranded either in my office or my house. So I present a simple rain-washed park just outside my office. One day, hopefully sooner than later, my colleagues and me will finally take the much-promised walk in the lush grass of the park... one day soon. :-)


Harry Makertia said...

What a nice park you have in front of your office! Wow!

nitu said...

As i read your writing today I once again am reminded of the wet days. Monsoons are here sooner than we expected this year but for me being from Shillong monsoons are more or less all year around, except maybe in the chilly cold bitter months of november to february and even in that span ,January usually sees rain which drops the temperature even further. So I never really realized the beauty of the rain till my attention was drawn to it by my friends staying outside Shillong especially one particular friend from Mumbai who simply loves the clouds and the rains. Now when ever it rains here in Shillong I no longer grumble about the trouble of taking the umbrella, about wet clothes, about the puddles on the roads. I have even tried to continue my morning walks in the rainy days and each time i venture out in the wee hours of the morning I think of all my friends especially my Mumbai friend who simply loves to get wet. So here i thank all my friends who have helped me face the rains better and have taught me to appreciate the wet weather.


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