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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Indian Sundial Clock

This is something truly Indian. This is an Indian sundial clock on display in the Garden of Five Senses. It tells the accurate time of a place, measuring the position of the sun with respect to the longitude of the place. The Indian Standard Time (IST) is set in correspondence to the longitude : 25° 9′ 0″ N, 82° 30′ 0″ E, which passes through the city of Allahabad. However, with this sundial, one can find the exact scientific time in any place. The reason I get so fascinated with ancient Indian gadgets is the idea that people with comparatively far less resources were able to produce such marvels. I have just one thing to say for that Wow :-)

The other photographs from the Garden Of Five Senses featured in the blog are : Giant Wind Bell and Elephanta Fountains.


Hilda said...

Like you, I find ancient gadgets and skills fascinating. Pyramids, not just the ones in Egypt but all over Asia and Central America, are awe-inspiring. The grade school department of the university where I work decided to set up a sundial in their grounds for their young students to learn what clocks are all about.

• Eliane • said...

Yes, it is impressive in its ingenuity. And to think that I would need instructions to figure how to find where I am by reading it...

ken mac said...

beautiful clock in the garden of five senses. How poetic!

Steffe said...

Accuarate, ancient and in working order!


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