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Friday, July 4, 2008

PVR Plaza

This is one of the very famous cinema halls of Delhi. Once a theater that held premier shows of iconic films, it was renovated and turned into a multiplex. Just like the Malls are eating away local shops, so are multi-plexes erasing the memory of halls that had huge screens, dingy chairs , yummy pop-corns and most importantly inexpensive tickets. Anyway, cinema is cinema... and Bollywood films are a treat to watch anywhere. :-)


Kris McCracken said...

It is the same story here in Tasmania with the cinema multiplexes.

tejbir said...

this post made my day as well as spoilt my day.
Made my day for it brought back those carefree days of schools when we went to pvr by bunking school or at the end of exams :)
Spoilt my day as now i will keep recollecting these memories as i can't relive being far away :(

humanobserver said...

It is better to avoid these multiplexes...In the name of entertainment they are providing nothing.........

• Eliane • said...

The Picadheli sign on the lower left made me smile. :)


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