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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Water Coolers

This is a stack of empty water coolers that I spotted in one of the market areas recently. Supplying cool water to shopkeepers during summers is a thriving business across Delhi. These containers are filled with chilled water and dropped to the market every morning. The shopkeepers leave the empty containers to be collected each morning by the water supplier. The bills for the service are cleared at the end of the month.


kavita said...

Great service...nice piece of information ....i have seen smaller gallons at various social gatherings but this is the first time i am seeing these.

R. Ramesh said... usual..

nituscorner said...

hi...interesting!!! but is it true that they use ice blocks bought cheap from the morgue???? ugh!!!! i hope not.

magiceye said...

wow that is a lot of chilling!


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