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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Once the favourite joint of writers, artists, journalists, Regal today has been reduced to a cinema that shows B-grade Hindi movies or raunchy English cinema (as the posters will testify). In its heyday, the cinema found mention in the stories of the greats like Ruskin Bond. But today, parents have started warning their children to keep away from even the periphery of the cinema hall. However, it still is a landmark and directions around the Connaught Place are given with Regal as reference point.


magiceye said...

a reflection of our times..

Anonymous said...

It is all over -- this kind of thing. I read once, somewhere, that people who put porn on the Internet and charge to see it, make billions each year while everyone else with regular advertising can't make ends meet. I guess this sort of thing has been going on since one baby looked at the other and saw that there is a difference and then they have been looking ever since.

That is the chicken said...

Cinemas seem to go in cycles. Many from the 1930's and 40's in the Uk that went down at heel ended up being refurbished and revived.

We Pin said...

very thoughtful ....nice one.


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