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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do Not Touch

As is my wont, I was clicking this sign standing next to one of Delhi's monument. Just then over my shoulder, a cynical voice belonging to a teenager said, "What's the point? Delhi has so many illiterates, they will not be able to make sense of this sign. And the so called educated will use their literary skills to pen rubbish like, 'Tina Loves Suresh'". Before I could react, he vanished.

Hopefully, not to leave his signature for posterity on the walls of history.


That is the chicken said...

I like signs in different languages and their translations. I'm still puzzling over one I saw at Fatiphur Shikri years ago that said "visitors and crinds should remove their shoes". I've yet to figure out what a crind is!

vipin said...

I hope he didn't come from snacks shop and tried to wipe his hand :)
hey, i am kidding. he certainly was a nice guy. I guess, just had lost the hope on the other people. May be had some of his own bad experiences. ......

R. Ramesh said...


kavita said...

I am happy that it was not" NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED'..signboard.I am wondering too what does crind means anyway....was it supposed to mean kids..

magiceye said...



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