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Thursday, May 14, 2009


This photo was clicked by my talented younger brother Akshat. He told me that a wall in his principal's office is adorned with the symbols associated with various religions. This photo is a proof that St Micheal's School, where Akshat studies, is surely a secular school, which respects all the religions.


yamini said...

Hi Akshat,

Nice concept and yes, your school is truly a secular one.

However, if u find time on some other occasion, please get photos of all the posters individually, which will help us understand the symbols better.
You can put up a series of such photographs, with each post devoted to an individual religious symbol.

Pri can help you further.

But as far as the photograph is concerned, I appreciate the concept and congratulate you for the same...

Scribbler said...

Bravo Akshat!

keep it rollin;)

vIpIn said...

nice one !! A symbol of true learning in school. Syllabus can make one literate but this is the real education.

nituscorner said...

i tried to see these pics closely but could not make out much. looks like a very intersting bit....would love to know more about it. so i agree with yamini

kavita said...

good work from Akshat....following your footsteps.....


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