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Sunday, May 3, 2009

India Islamic Cultural Centre

This, as you can read, is the India Islamic Cultural Centre. I had gone there to see a play titled Mahim Junction. A creation of celebrated director, Sohila Kapoor, the play revolved around over the top characters based on the Indian cinema of the 70s. They had two common links - Mahim Railway station and Hindi film industry. Though the performances were good, I was not too happy with the content. The gathering constituted mostly of the Delhi's socially conscious elite or the people I like to call pseudos. :-)

Nevertheless, the place was worth a visit.

P.S: Tomorrow I will post the 300th photo of the blog :-)


magiceye said...

have you critiqued the play? if so please put up the link

vIpIn said...

oh so this "Mahim " puzzled got solved for me finally. Was about to ask about it.

"Pseudos" - why are they everywhere???

That is the chicken said...

looking forward to number 300!

Kris said...

But are YOU a pseudo too?


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