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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dot hai toh HOT hai! (If you have a dot, you are HOT)

The star voters of Delhi. These are fingers (the hand with the gold ring is mine) of my colleagues, who went to cast their votes before coming to office today. Delhi went to polls today to elect its representatives to Lower House, called the Lok Sabha, of the Parliament. The campaign urging people to vote was rigorous this time around and I hope many more people like us went out to vote, braving the scorching sun. Sporting a DOT on our fingers is so HOT today and most of us in Delhi are celebrating the festival of Democracy today.


magiceye said...

heartening to note so many dots proudly displayed!
jai ho!!

lemon said...

Can I ask, how to have an inked-colored finger is connected with the elections?
Anyway, I liked very much this friendly photo of you and your friends!

That is the chicken said...

How did the elections go? Was the turnout as good as you had hoped?


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