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Saturday, May 9, 2009

BJP, Polling Agents

This is the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) stand, where the party's polling agents were seated to help the voters.

I decided post one more election related photo today and answer the poll queries made by the people in the previous post.

Lemon: the index fingers of voters are inked to ensure that one person does not vote more than once.

That is the chicken: The voter turnout was 53% in Delhi. Not as high as we would have liked, especially in light of the recent terrorist attacks across the Indian cities.

We fared better than Mumbai though, just 44% of the city's voters came out even after suffering through the November carnage.


Anonymous said...

I guess people should have been more responsible in Mumbai and turned out in large numbers for the voting....a lot of them gave preference for the long weekend of holidays that they would have otherwise missed!!!!strange,but true!!!!
Also, I guess Mumbai wanted to do something different this time so they decided to get their middle finger inked!!!!

kavita said...

we prefer candle lite march,protest march,discussions in media lambasting leaders ,love to blame on foreign hand....but choose not to vote......remember those voices on tv after MUMBAI ATTACKS...enough is enough....i think its still not enough..

Sifar said...

I believe in India, "as long as I'm OK, why bother" kind of mentality has lot to do with it. Unlike India, America few months ago showed that how a tide can turn the tables by voting in large numbers and electing America's first African American Democratic President. They didnot want 8 years of ignorant republican leadership to continue. Republicans are fumbling to regain ground and have tried their every effort to block President Obama's policies and now are known as the party of NO.

That is the chicken said...

These guys sure look serious about the election.

nituscorner said...

well i hope changing fingers will also change the fate of our country.


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