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Friday, November 12, 2010

My first prints :-)

This is the Nai ka Makbara near Humayun's Tomb.

As most of you now know, I am taking a photography course. Here are the first two prints-- clicked, developed and printed by me :D I am very happy to share these and my excitement with you :-)


magiceye said...

love the 2nd pic!


Hilda said...

They're wonderful, Priyanka! You mean you went into a darkroom yourself to develop and print them? Cool!

Hehe, when we were much younger, my brother made a darkroom out of our bathroom. Hated it because it stank to high heavens. ;)

JD said...

kya baat hai!

Rob and Mandy said...

Nothing like the old fashioned way, that's how you learn it. Excellent thing you are doing.

Anuradha said...

Hey Prankie!!! Of course we have already seen the prints...they are great and we have already said so...Have to say...nothing can beat the old fashioned B/W pictures...they have a softness yet have an element of mystery...but check the first pix...looks like a white patch at the lower half of it, wasnt there in the ones that you had shown us...


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