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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Are the Big Picture!

Delhi, like all metropolitan cities, is a very dynamic place. Somethings still surprise me while driving through the roads of Connaught Place, where I have spent the better part of my life. I have featured Statesman House a lot of times on this blog. The building makes one more appearance today as a host for a very innovative campaign.

Aviva has launched a campaign asking people to donate their pictures. For every uploaded picture, Aviva will donate GBP 1 or INR 60 to Save the Children in India. It was heartwarming to see people donate their pictures so generously.

After my hot cup of coffee in the Oxford Cha Bar, I clicked these two photographs to show you guys. Came home and first thing I did was upload my picture on their website I ask all of you to go and upload your picture to the site and help a great cause. Added bonus was this video that they made within minutes. Enjoy :-)


magiceye said...

a great initiative indeed. shall go across to their site right away. thank you

Aditi said...

Super cool - the activity and your post... :-)


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