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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am the Big Picture :-)

I practice what I preach and here is how I get rewarded. Last week, I told you about You Are the Big Picture campaign. I took part and here is the result. Thanks to the campaign launched by Aviva, my photograph was up on the Statesman House for everyone to see. More than seeing my photograph on the building, I really loved seeing my mother's expression while we waited for the photograph to upload. It was nice to have her with me to share the moment. I must take this opportunity to thank my friend, Aditi Vij (who has been mentioned a few times on the blog), for coaxing me to take part in the campaign.


Aditi said...

I wish i was there too..had it not been for work, i would have surely made it.. And thank you for taking a part in the campaign for you not only uploaded your picture but contributed in taking an underprivilged child closer to education. Aviva, on your part, donated 1GBP/Rs 60 towards the NGO Save the Children..Keep up the good work !!!

Shilpa said...

Congrats Priyanka!!

A special word of appreciation for your photograph too as it appeared on one of your favourite buildings of the city :)

Rob and Mandy said...


kavita said...

Congratulations Priyanka !


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