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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Four days of cough, cold and severe back ache forcing me to take time off work and voila!!! I turn into an artist of sorts to relieve myself of the boredom. This is an abstract glass painting (not the best I admit) that I present to all of you, hoping that I would receive loads of bouquets for this one... they would surely make me feel better. If you think this is an emotional campaign to gain sympathy...

I certainly am not denying it. :-)

P.S: My phone, which makes this blog possible, makes its first appearance on Delhi Photo Diary.


magiceye said...

have some lovely red roses for you to raise your spirits! just click here

MumbaiiteAnu said...

It's a beautiful abstract glass painting. Take care, Priyanka.
We are discovering many sides of your multi-talented personality.

Yummy strawberry pics 4u here
Bagicha Icecream Corner

Nat said...

Hope you're feeling better today. The glass painting is cool. I like the colours.

Blognote said...

This photo looks like a very nice modern painting which I could hang on the wall!!
Take good care of your health!

nituscorner said...

hi sorry to hear about your ill health.....hope you are feeling better already as i am late here.....your painting is so vibrant that am sure it will lift up your sure lifted mine. take care.


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