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Friday, September 19, 2008

Metro Walk

The aftermath of any terrorist incident is a number of hoax calls and rumours of similar threats across the city. With parents, friends and relatives, all overly concerned about my security I had to resort to making a trip to The Metro Walk Mall (not fond of the culture so much, though many yuppies my age are). I was pleasantly surprised with this one. As it was not too crowded and had huge open spaces where a bunch of us could just sit and chat and pull each other's legs.

P.S: Do check out what Wiki has to say about yuppies here.


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy your post today and the photo. When are you going to put the following thing on this blog?

Kris said...

It looks like LA.

nituscorner said...

Its sad to see that after so many years of our independance we still have to fear walking freely in our country.i know what you mean with your folks being worried about your security. well priyanka i will be visiting the capital too and since evening the phones have rung non stop from friends and family telling me the dos and don'ts when i will be there. was strictly asked not to go wandering about as am so famous for.....Sad!!! Its still a long road to FREEDOM.

Anonymous said...

we r never ever able to keep clean our country

tejbir said...

and where is this?
looks good!
is it somewhere close to a lake?

Priyanka Khot said...


It is in Rohini. It is not close to any lake. The water body in the photo is an artificial lake, which is a part of the amusement park - Adventure Island, i posted a few days earlier.

ulotny said...

I remember this shopping mall very well. I was traveling through whole Delhi by metro to Rohini metro station, to see a friend who works there... Lucky you, Priyanka, living in Delhi. I miss India.
Namaste from Poland


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