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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Theme Day: Action Shot: Photo Drive

This is me in action, shooting while driving!

December theme day is here again reminding us that the year is about to end. Generally, I spend the last month of the year looking back at what happened in my life, good as well as bad. The main aim of the exercise is to ensure I do not skip a lesson that life wanted to teach me. The year, tough as it was, taught me to keep going and look forward come what may. This year will be improtant for me for a lot of reasons two of them:

1. I bought my first DSLR camera.
2. I fell in love with the roads of Delhi once again.

How was your year?

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rental mobil said...

Very nice photo shot, thanks for sharing.

Chrissy Brand said...

A clever little post, and mostly a happy year for me so far thanks!

Chrissy at Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave

Double Inverted Commas said...

DSLR? Congratssss! Nikon or Canon?

Priyanka Khot said...

@Chrissy Great to know that the year was god for you. Best wishes for the coming year

Priyanka Khot said...

@Double Inverted Commas: Thanks. I'm a Nikon girl all the way :D


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