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Friday, December 23, 2011

# 2 Birding at Bharatpur

Presenting the second lot of my pictures of birds of Bharatpur.

Female magpie robin

Ghost tree, the nesting place of painted storks

Little owlet

Spotted owlet


Juvenile painted stork making a landing

Flying geese

Little egret (reflection)



Will post pictures of some other creatures I saw at Bharatpur in the next post.


Lopamudra said...

As usual, lovely pictures. My favourites were the ghost tree and the owlet. Lovely eyes

magiceye said...

brilliant captures!!

rupam sarma said...

Truly Beautiful shots, Great to saw your post.

Benjamin Madison said...

Wonderful collection of bird photos! (Is Bharatpur anywhere near Delhi? I'm wondering because I'll be visiting Delhi briefly in March.)

shubhalaxmi khot vaidya said...

nice pics priyanka .

Shrilakshmi Subramanian said...

Beautiful Priyanka. May I make a suggestion? Can you change the background to black. Pictures will be more striking then with the colors standing out!

- Shri


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