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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Qutub Minar @ Nirulas

There was a photo-walk at Qutub Minar, where some friends had decided to meet and go shutter crazy over the weekend. I, unfortunately, could not go because I was under the weather. However, my heart was very much there and I decided to go to the next best place--Nirula's for a delicious 'chatak matak burger' with the Qutub as a backdrop. This Qutub photo graces one of the walls at the Connaught Place outlet of Nirula's :-)


Patty said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well enough to go with the shutter bugs. Perhaps next time. Nice you were able to go out for a burger.

Sifar said...

Is Nirula's still there? I heard a while back that this chain was bought over by young professionals and was renamed or something like that. It was at Nirula's that I had my first job in early 90's.


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