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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CWG 2010: Hockey Matches at Dhyanchand National Stadium

Shera, the official mascot for the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010, welcomed my friends, other spectators and me to the Dhyanchand National Stadium on Saturday, 9 October 2010.

Some supporters of India had the tri-colour painted on their face, while others wore the blue jersey, with the flag proudly adorning their chest.

Water sprinklers readied the field for the matches.
Indian women's team played a fantastic match against South Africa and won the game 3-1. Here is the Indian women's team taking the winner's lap.
Soon it was time for the Indian men to thrash the Scottish team, and we had a wonderful time cheering for the brilliant hockey players who won the game 4-0.

With smiles on our faces with the double win, we bid adieu to Shera :-)


Ash said...

Nice post. Hope you're doing well!

Aditi said...

Great you went to see the match..i as hoping to catch at least one of the event, but newez..take care..God bless

Nishli said...


We are yet to see your DSLR Photos..

Rob and Mandy said...

Bharat zindabad! Was a great game!

rupam sarma said...


rupam sarma said...


rupam sarma said...



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