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Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Rail Museum, Delhi

With the clouds still in the sky, I was unable to take out my film SLR camera for a monument shoot (my first assignment for the photography class I have joined). Instead I relied on my trusted mobile phone camera and went to the National Rail Museum, Delhi with my younger brother, Akshat, and a friend, Varoon. As the day progressed clouds decided to pull back a little and sun shone on us and the three of us had a good time going train crazy. The National Rail Museum is one of my favourite places in Delhi as this is the only open museum I have ever seen.

Below is the joy-train that carries passengers around the museum. It is very popular with children. I really like the small platform from where the train begins its journey.
This engine here shows how earlier, coal was used to boil water to power the steam engines.


magiceye said...

would love to visit this lovely museum!

Rob and Mandy said...

Nice! I love trains, but stopped playing with them when I thought it was time to grow up. I was 42 or so. -)

arvind said...

simply nice..
thanks for a bunch..


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