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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bug and Bravery

What does one do when a giant insect like this one decides to sit on the car windshield on way to work. any sensible person driving the car would, I assume, use the wipers to make the insect go away. But a photo-blogger has duties that she needs to fulfil to the best of her capabilities. So without breaking into a series of girly shrieks. I kept my cool, took out my camera and decided to take a photograph of the giant insect instead.

I am hoping that the blogger community will award my bravery soon :-)


Rob and Mandy said...

Oh, well done! You're very courageous to brave such a gigantic beast!

arvind said...

that may be a small insect..
but they are performing their duties as perfectly as they have to..

nice click.. (how does it find time - to poss?)

magiceye said...

you are hereby dubbed CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS!!!!

Patty said...

Congratulations on not starting the wipers and perhaps squashing him. He looks like what we call a grasshopper.


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