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Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Theme Day: Reflections: Where do you go?

My favourite pass time while stuck in traffic jams is to think what the person, whose reflection I am seeing in my rear-view mirror is thinking and where is he/she headed for. Keeping today's theme in mind, I present two reflections of the biker I had photographed during a recent traffic jam. The song that came to my mind while looking at this man had been, "Where do you go?"

Happy July everyone. With half the year gone, I guess it is time to reflect on the months that have passed. I'd say 'life has been good' in its many blessings. Please share your take of the last 6 months with me. I am all ears and smiles :-)

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magiceye said...

that is a beautiful take on the theme!
and yes the last 6 months flew past which would mean that they were really good!


lewi14 said...

Great angle! Well photographed.

R. Ramesh said...

yes..wonderful click..

Hilda said...

Are your cars left- or right-hand drives? If it's left, then I sure hope this motorcyclist isn't trying to overtake on the right! (Like ours do, ugh.)

arvind said...

nice imagination..
but at times u could see -
their thinking and tension -
even could exceed the speed
of their vechicles..

enjoying july..

Anonymous said...

Nice reflection shot :)


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