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Monday, June 28, 2010

Khan Chacha

A paradise for non-vegetarians, Khan Chacha is must visit if you love kababs and live for chikken tikkas. I am a vegetarian but went to this eating joint, in Khan market with my colleagues. The choices for vegetarians are limited to paneer (cottage cheese) and potatoes. Meanwhile, the non-vegetarians are spoilt for choices as Khan Chacha is famous for its Kakori wrap, Chikken Tikka wrap etc. (sorry don't remember the menu, mainly because I will never be having it :-))

The FIFA fever has hit Delhi big time and this eatery was no different. The order placing window was decorated with stickers of various teams, the world cup trophy etc.

The seating is basic and ensures that nothing distracts the foodies from the aroma and the taste of the food.

Since, the food did not appeal much to my taste buds, I passed my time by looking around and this unusual chandelier caught my fancy. The conversation at our lunch table concentrated on various ways this could be used. Most of the uses we came up with could make for very interesting plots for detective series on TV.

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