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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pen Holders-DIY

I recently went berserk looking for the perfect pen holder for my office desk. The search was so frustrating that I finally decided to make a couple of pen holders for myself.

I bought around 150 ice-candy sticks from the stationary shop and a tube of Fevicol.
The next step was easy and fun. I decided on a shape and began sticking the sticks in the same pattern.
After a layer of thick fabric paint, I had two pen holders ready to occupy their space on my desk. :-)

No sooner were my pen holders ready to be taken to office, I chanced to see what I had been searching for in the market. So the yellow triangle-shaped and the red star-shaped pen holders were kept at home and I took my prized find to office. Will show you that pen holder tomorrow. Hope you try making these pen holders. It is fun and easy to make.

1 comment:

magiceye said...

necessity the mother of invention!
good work!


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