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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Early Morning Queue

The lifeline of Delhi-the CNG autorikshaws can be seen queued for miles near the gas-station. This is the only time they appear to be following some kind of rules. There is a madness to their method, which can be enjoyed only first-hand. However, if you like you can read one of my experiences in the three-wheeler right here.


Rob and Mandy said...

Must be a hard life for them. We used to have a driver sleeping in his rickshaw in our street in Faridabad at night. Used to bring him some masala tea in the morning

Kcalpesh said...

Hmm Autorickshaws certainly hold the key to the daily lifes of not only the delhiites... but also the mumbaiites... :-) Fantastic composition!

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kunal bhatia said...

taking kcalpesh's comments forward - ricks are a part of daily life in not just delhi or mumbai, but the whole country. lovely pic, with the line of ricks + the reflection.

greetings from a mumbai photoblogger
- Mindless Mumbai

Umesh Pherwani said...

ricks are really a lifeline of transportation .

Umesh Pherwani (


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