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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Venkatesh, Nalli Saree Shop

This is Venkatesh, who assisted a friend and me on our recent saree shopping spree at Nalli. He was very business-like to begin with, showing little interest in what I had to say. Once I clicked his photo and asked him his name, he was very sweet to us and helped us pick a beautiful saree. One of my most favourite teachers, Sabiha Farhat, had taught me, almost unknowingly, that a smile and a few kind words are all it takes to make someone feel important.


Steffe said...

And I'm guessing that he was very pleased with you taking his portrait.

Leif Hagen said...

Why didn't you also have him take a photo of you and your friend each modeling a saree for your posting? Next time - don't be shy!
: - )

kavita said...

Hi Venky !! A trip to Nalli is always very interesting.Cheers to teacher Sabiha Farhat...good teaching !!Have a nice day Pri.

magiceye said...

wise little girl!


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