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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Chillam is a long tubular pipe, usually used for smoking marijuana or tobacco. I do not smoke or encourage smoking but I could not resist clicking a photograph of these beautiful chillams I saw at the local potter's. While I was indulging in the clicking the photograph the lady selling the earthenware reprimanded me and said, "This is not good for girls!" It took me some time to convince her that I would not be the one smoking. She was sweet with her concern.


kavita said...

Haha Priyaka ,i hope she was not thinking that you are going to use one of are right ,that was a very sweet concern.Interesting post.

magiceye said...

they look beautiful indeed and the concern shown by the lady is appreciated.

Hilda said...

And I thought they were party whistles. Fun-looking pipes, though no, not good for anyone, girl or boy.

nituscorner said...

talk of designer clothes, designer shoes, designer chillam. lol!!!!

Patty said...

They are very pretty. Can't they be used just as decorations? Happy week-end.


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