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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar is Hindi for clock tower. I saw this one, during the weekend exploration of the Delhi's north. This Ghanta Ghar is located on the way to Kamla Nagar. The numerous wires indicate the ingenious way of Delhiites to steal electricity.


Hilda said...

The design looks like Art Deco to me. Interesting!

Sifar said...

Where is the traffic? Last when I went thru this round about (about 10 yrs ago), it was a tough task to get by. I ve passed by so many times here that I donot even remember.

The over head wires I believe are not those of steelers. They are legitimate consumers of power and telephone. In Old Delhi area, such sights are common. In the new colonies power and telephone cables have been laid systematically, mostly underground.

vipin said...

Agreed to Sifar at cables for power distribution though it doesn't hide the fact that a significant amount of electricity goes in theft in all over delhi.

And yes surprised to see no traffic here. Guess you had to wait for this perfect pose. Good work. Keep it up.

Indrajit G said...

nice shot.

Anonymous said...

At first look, I thought that this was in Venice.


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