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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Colourful Hair Braiding

The lady in the photo sits outside of Dilli Haat and offers to braid hair with colourful threads at a reasonable price. A lot of college going students and people in their 20s are seen getting their hair braided. I have gotten my hair braided once or twice and can tell you for sure that a little yellow, violet or red in one's hair always makes for great conversation!


Hilda said...

Heehee, a few months ago, maybe. But not with my current hair style, I think! :)

She has a fantastic array of color choices! Love it.

nituscorner said...

wow!!! that sure looks colourful.only i never had hair long enough to be able to tie these. but in the hostel i remember i would have a lot of colorful rubber bands along my hair tied up in steps.( courtesy: done up by a fren. lol.)

Jazzy said...

hi Priyanka, i was on a long holiday and have just been back.
i had a great time and now it's hard to be back.
hope you're doing fine. love the colours and choice of the braids on offer.
have a great weekend!

Babooshka said...

Wonderful choices of colours. I noticed in France many tourists having braids for the first time. Not something we have here.

kavita said...

Again your posts make me about a picture of yours included..

Suddendeath said...

ya u make me homesick too :(
Would be nice to see pics of girls actually having those braids. really love these small things u pick up on the way, keep it up!

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