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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bombay Bhel Puri

When we were in school all our India related answers began with the statement, "India is a country where the axiom 'unity in diversity' holds true". I was out shopping for books at one of the posh markets of Delhi, South-Ex when I chanced upon this lane of street-food sellers. It says "Bombay Bhel Puri". Even though, Bombay has now become Mumbai but the bhel puri is one popular chaat (snack) from the Western city that has the best of Delhiites asking for more. The love for food is surely something that unites this diverse country of ours :-)


tejbir said...

and to complete what u r saying...
in mumbai its pretty easy to find "dilli ki chaat", punjabi chholey" or "punjabi samosa"

Anonymous said...

I found it surprising as we (in Maharashtra) thought chat from North is more famous.


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