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Friday, April 18, 2008


A heena/mehendi artist -Suman, applying heena/mehendi on the hands of a client. Mehendi is a form of artificial tatooing that many women in Delhi patronage. When in Delhi, you must go to Hanuman Mandir, where hundreds like Suman have their stalls for applying Mehendi/Heena in beautiful Indian patterns. 

P.S. : Was not in Delhi the past few days. Was visiting Mumbai. Hope you missed me some. :-)


Kate said...

Ah, those beautiful saris and the brillant shades of different colours. They are my most vivid memories of my long-ago trip to India!

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. said...

Looking at it, I wish I was home !

yes...sure missed ur daily digest. Its turning out to be a good food for imagination...!

ptowngirl said...

It takes such skill and patience to do this! I don't have a steady enough hand to thread a needle, much less make such beautiful works of art -- great photo!



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