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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Poor-Man's Convertible

These are the best people I have ever met. They are smiling most of the times. Make travelling short distances a pleasure ride. Travelling on these cycle-rickshaws makes me feel like I am aboard a convertible... A poor-man's convertible is a cycle rickshaw. What a profound thought... hmmm hehehe. Next time you want a rickshaw please don't bargain with them. These men deserve every rupee they demand.


Anu said...

Hey, that's a great photo. Simple hardworking people like them should be paid well.
Many Indians are so simple and innocent by heart. Nowhere else in the world will a person allow a stranger to click his/her photos so willingly.

magiceye said...

Well said! Dignity of labour should be well rewarded!

J.C. said...

I like your commentary. In fact, we have a Chinese children song very popular in Malaysia. It says about how an old lady offer the rickshaw driver $1 instead of the $0.50 he asked for.


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