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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Elephant Poop

This is a poster I spotted in Dilli Haat a few months back. I was stuck in traffic for an hour in the evening while coming back today. So I thought I should look in my photo bank to come up with today's entry. Hope it makes you realise the importance of S**T in life. :-)


Anu said...

Hi Priyanka. Nice phtos. My first visit to Delhi Photo Diary.
Amazing info-- the elephant poop. I wonder what's so special about elephant poop than any other, that it's used for making paper.

Pran!t! said...

hahaha!!! :D

love this pic! :P

ps: was a fun day ;) .. lol :P

Hyde DP said...

I've hear some miraculous claims made for the power of elephant dung!


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