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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lodi Garden: An Urban Oasis--Walking the Familiar Path

On 5 April 2014, I along with two of my friends joined the heritage walk organized by the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre. The walk was curated by Robinson.

It was nice to see the city through the eyes of someone who knows the history, the roads and trees of Delhi so well.

An installation at the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre

This cool Ambassador car at the centre caught my eye and captured my heart.

Delhi was splendid in all its colours.

The sun was a jewel sparkling from behind the trees.

In so many years, this is the first time that I found out that the name of the Lodi Gardens is The Lady Wellingdon Park.

An installation in the park commissioned by the NDMC
 Spring was in full bloom!

A bee on a flower

Spot the flower

This is my favourite photo from the day
Robinson showed us the green house at the Lodi Gardens. It was a beautiful location with bougainvillea decorating the roof. 

Bougainvillea roof

Robinson pointed out that the dustbins in the park had been painted by volunteers recently. It was fun spotting different paintings on the dustbins.

Djinn asking you to use a dustbin. 

This was our favourite dustbin from the day. It has been painted by Manil Rohit.


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Sandeep Bhutani said...

Through your lense, its excellent.

Rajeev Mehta said...

Its Amazing .... Love this

Sreekala said...

Really lived through the WALK with your description!!!!


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