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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Humayun's Tomb Revisited

Braving the summer heat, I decided to finally attend a photo-walk organized by Click Walk to the Humayun's Tomb on Saturday. I was up at 5 and at the venue 10 minutes before 6. A friend, Meet, stayed over at my place the previous night to ensure that we attended the walk. This is how dedicated we are towards exploring Delhi. 

A photo-walk is the best way to start a weekend. New friendly faces, breakfast as a side-dish with huge portions of laughter and teasing, after a two hour long walk discussing architecture, history, life, make Saturday awesome. I should say that I'm pretty pleased with the pictures I got this morning. So, I'm looking forward to more such walks in the future. Join us if you are in Delhi next weekend.

On top


Line of Duty


Looking around


Humayun's Tomb



Through the Narrow Lane


Angular View

Monochrome Mania

Steep Climb



Door within a door within a door

Resting in peace

Star burst

Stylish photographer


Conservation Work in Progress

Morning Music


Gurneet said...

I have no words.. Every picture is telling a story...

Meet Kaur said...

lovely pics! your eyes see so much more than i could actually imagine!

magiceye said...

Beautiful captures Priyanka!!
Well done!!

Sukhdeep said...

I like these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see such grt wrk..pls let me knw when can i join u guys.
U can reach me @


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