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Monday, February 27, 2012

World Book Fair 2012

Delhi is busy celebrating books and readers at the World Book Fair 2012 at Pragati Maidan. I spent some quality hours at the stall of my company, Oxford University Press.

My friend, Sukhdeep, was kind enough to stop by at the stall and give me company. Not only that, he also insisted on clicking photographs to ensure I would have memories to cherish and showcase on the blog.

Unfortunately, I exhibited really bad social skills and forgot to even offer to click his photograph and he was kind enough to point that out. However, since I was too tired to pick the camera even then and oblige and so took a rain check. You can follow this 'asardar sardar' on Twitter. He goes by the handle:

Sukhdeep and I went to say Hi! to brothers--Mayank and Tarang. They have started a very interesting venture called Dial-a-book.

Please visit their website Dial a Book and make the phone lines go crazy. You can also follow them on Twitter. They go by the handle: @dialabook

When Sukhdeep was busy going shutter-crazy, Mayank was in front of the lens while Tarang was busy shutting the stall down after a good day of business.

I will be visiting the book fair again and will get you more pictures soon. Today's post is all thanks to Sukhdeep.


Meet Kaur said...

Shall I call it a discrimination that neither of the sardars got to be in any of the pics! and I didn't even find a mention! :P

Rob Siemann said...

A World Book Fair?!! Wow! Just leave me there, and pick me up when it's over! And bring a truck for my books.


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