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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year

Procrastination, it seems, has become my New Year Resolution for 2012. I'm running a little late already this year because I went on a vacation to usher in the New Year.

I began the year on a great note by visiting my best friend, Kanchan and her husband Kshiteej, in Pune. Fell in love with the city. I had so much fun with friends that I forgot to take my camera out for most part of the trip. Kanchan and Tanmay (a new friend I made on the trip) were kind enough to take me to Khadakwasla (a dam) to take some pictures and exercise my shutter as the sun set on one of the first evenings of the year.

We reached the dam just a few minutes before the sun went down. The big banyan tree looked beautiful with its roots reaching the water.

I really enjoyed going shutter crazy as the sun played peek-a-boo from behind the branches of the trees.

And like everywhere else in the world, couples shared some sweet moments on the banks of the lake.

The sun exhibited all its glory in its dying moments.

With the sun setting, the banyan tree once again stole my heart in the golden glow.

The stars also came out to play as Tanmay encouraged me to play a little more with my camera and its settings.

The silhouettes of the hills in the aftermath of the sunset ensured that I fell a little more in love with the city.

The exercise with the camera made us hungry and we feasted on some well roasted corncob.

The corncob being roasted on coal lured me into taking some shots of the brilliant firework.

I hope this year is filled with beautiful sunsets for all of you. I promise to better my frequency of posting blogs and visiting other blogs and posting comments.


rupam sarma said...

Great look and beautiful photos.Wishing you & your family a very Happy New Year.

magiceye said...

excellent captures!

Patty said...

Great sunset photos. I wish I were standing in front of the open fire at the moment, it's downright cold here, 15F not sure what it is with the wind chill factor, because it's very windy out there today. Almost time for lunch, but today Abe and I are having left overs from dinner last night. Daughter brought over a vegetable lasagna, salad, french bread and marble cheese cake. She's also coming over to eat with us. for dinner tonight I plan on making a meat loaf, scalloped potatoes and apple salad, that way the daughter living here with us at the moment will have something to take to work tomorrow for her lunch, she has to work from 7am till 7:30pm, her 12 hour shift as a PCT, she's going to school, five days a work, working four days a week to become an RN. So on Fridays and Mondays she goes to school from 8am till 10am and works from 11am till 7:30pm. She's a determined young woman. Happy Belated New year.


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