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Monday, November 14, 2011

इश्क-ए-दिल्ली Loving Delhi

Earlier this year, the Delhi Government held many events celebrating 100 years of Delhi being named the capital city of India. Unfortunately, I was not in the city or in the mood for celebration then. But I think it is never too late to join the party so I decided to explore some treasures of the city I had heard a lot about but never explored myself. First on my list was the Light and Sound Show called, Ishq-e-Dilli (Love for Delhi) at Purana Qila or Old Fort.

The show beautifully captures the history of Delhi, how the city passed on from the hands of one ruler to the other and how several men and women have expressed their love for the city from time to time. I would recommend everyone living in Delhi or visiting it to see the show at least once.

The dimly lit Old Fort and the nip in the air created the perfect ambiance for a magical evening of history, sound, light and love for Delhi.

The number 4 instruction left me a little disappointed but with a huge smile the staff there told me that only commercial photography was not allowed. I could take my camera.

We were greeted with these curtains on the wall that was to function as our stage.

The curtains were raised and history unfolded.

A scene from the Mahabharata.

The Kohinoor Diamond

A Kathak dancer dancing to the song written by Khusro

India Gate

Jama Masjid

Purana Qila

Destruction of the city

Everything turning into ash

Wars with the British led to a lot of bloodshed.

British General
Mahatma Gandhi

The Indian Tri-Colour; The National Flag of India
Tryst with Destiny

Kite flying on Independence Day

Symbolic image of Hindu-Muslim Unity



rupam sarma said...

Nice Photography & Thanks for the blog post.

Garima said...


Aruna said...

Very colourful

नीरज गोस्वामी said...


Anita said...

Very nice photography.

Rob and Mandy said...

Beautiful nightshots

sunil kumar said...

wonderful...i thought it was only at lal quila..Now learnt that even purana quila has light and sound prog


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