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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You will find red earthen bowls like these at lots of places across Delhi, outside homes, in parks, on the road dividers, outside offices, etc. A lot of people believe in leaving water and bajra (pearl millet) seeds in these pots for birds and rodents like squirrels. I found this brave little squirrel who was so determined to get to the food that she ignored my presence to reach for what was hers.


Patty said...

We have about five or six small cement type bowls around out year, we change the water everyday. We also put out food everyday for the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and etc. They all seem happy about that. In the winter, we have one larger dish we plug into an electrical outlet to keep the water from freezing. That way they also have water during the cold spell.

Amit Charles said...

Liked the first pic a lot.

good one :)

arvind said...

at times use to see the same food is shared by crows, squirrels and minas..

just playful creatures and always stealing our hearts..


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