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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Colours of Victory! Cricket World Cup 2011: India!

I am falling short of words and never before in my life have I wanted to talk more. A sweet, long awaited victory for Team India at the Cricket World Cup 2011 finals in Mumbai and Delhi erupted into a celebration that the city has never ever witnessed before. The whole city was on the roads celebrating the return of the Cup after 28 long years. Everywhere one turned one saw people proudly carrying the Indian Tri-Colour (Flag), dancing to bollywood numbers, cheering for the Men in Blue, greeting strangers with priceless smiles. We were not Delhiites last night. We were all Indians: Proud, Happy, Content :-)

Here is my photo-collection from last night's celebration on all the roads leading to India Gate!

All smiles

Covered in the colours of the nation

Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Humara

Dancing with the Flag

Age no bar: A 3-year old kid doing stunts on top of a car

I see your true colours

The joyous crowd!


magiceye said...

beautiful victory captures!!

Divs said...

This is the moment to cherish!! The wait has been so long but well as "The Little Master" said...its never too late. This entire week has been an experience if lifetime ..something we always dreamt of achieving. It still seems surreal!
Beautiful Pics..Priyanka!


R. Ramesh said...

there were colorful celebs in dxb too...congrats...

arvind said...

thanks for the photos..

nituscorner said...

it sure was an awesome victory for our team and also for every Indian.


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