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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prized Possession

I bought these keychains recently for my car keys. Just a small way to make life a musical fairytale while I drive on the roads of Delhi :-)


Kris said...

From the (almost) very bottom of the World down here in Tasmania, I wish you a very Merry Christmas/Yule/Jul/Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice/Amaterasu/Brumalia/ Deygān/Dōngzhì/Hanukkah/Hogmanay/Jonkonnu/Korochun/Kolyada/koleda/Wren day/Lenæa/Meán Geimhridh/Lohri/Midvinterblót/Modranicht/Mummer's Day/Rozhanitsa Feast/Şewy Yelda/Soyalangwul/Ziemassvētki/Āshūrā/Ras as-Sana al-Hijreya or whatever festival you choose to celebrate!

If you’re opting out this year, have a great time in the next few weeks and keep up the good work!

Jarlin Paul said...

Looks good, might be a close-up shot.

My first visit to your blog, enjoyed the post and pictures here. Following your blog now :)


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