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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gole Market

This is the circular building that forms the centre point of Gole Market. 'Gole' in Hindi means a circle. This building will soon be uprooted and a museum will be made in its place.


magiceye said...

it looks like a heritage building!
hope the govt does not construct a monstrosity in its place...

Hilda said...

I agree with magiceye. Wish they could just use this one and renovate it.

arvind said...

its a professional photography..
the glimpse of moon? so cute..

Sifar said...

I ve lots of memories associated with the area. I was born pretty close to this Gole Market. Have eaten numerous times tandoori chkn, dal makhni and other veg/non-veg items @ a hotel in there (most of the times take-away, or had food standing), hung around this building for a long time, passed by this building so often. I don't know how this circle will look without this market.


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