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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Shopping is the best form of therapy. With monsoon sales being announced at all branded shops, my friends and me are at the market almost every second day. So what if the rains have been less this year, the sales are making up for the loss of water.


Patty said...

I've gotten so the shopping i like to do is on line. I hate walking around in stores looking and waiting to get checked out. I never have liked shopping that much, even when I was younger. I would shop through several catalogs I received through the mail. And the items arrived the same way, through the mail.

kavita said...

Am i jealous or am i jealous...kiddin...but yes Delhi sales are so much fun,so enjoy and shop as much as you can.

Mohan said...

shopping every alternate day?... no more comments!

not a great pic Priya :(

Ash said...

Ah! Retail therapy. Bring it on!

nituscorner said...

are shoes on sale too ?????

amatamari© said...

Ok, I wish the first to left, with that incantevole color between blue and the rain!

• Eliane • said...

Ah retail therapy... what every girl needs! And what our economies need too!! ;)


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