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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clean Delhi, Green Delhi

These are the dustbins that adorn the roadsides of Delhi. I had many people staring and smirking at me while I was clicking this photo. I can imagine that they were surprised that I wanted to capture these blue and green bins. To tell you the truth I really am thankful to the Delhi Government for taking this step. Delhites are actually now more aware of their surroundings and keeping the city clean. Clean Delhi, Green Delhi. :-)

@ Eliane: Yes it is the Delhi subway... Its the greatest gift to the city if I may say so. :-)

@ Tejbir: I am so happy to know that the Delhi Photo Dairy has managed to bring back memories for you. :-)

1 comment:

tejbir said...

O yes, it has!
Already checked out all the Delhi fotos and look forward to many many more every evening!


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